One year in aboard and I am here to take new challenge!

By Anika / 10th December 2016


Hi, This is Anika, I am a Bangladeshi girl living in a small city of Finland named Jakobstad . Its been a year, exactly one year ago on 9th December 2015 I came to Finland to be with my better half.  One year passed, so quickly, many things happened, still happening and a new year is knocking on the door. So I decided to take new challenge and make new promises, that I want to achieve in Brand new year 2017. I am starting blogging today, as a challenge what is my dream for quite long time, I am always interested about technology, and when I was taking a mandatory ICT course in my college level in Bangladesh I start to dream of having a personal website ( I did not know what is a blog, my teachers teach me only about website) where I can share my thoughts, things I like, my planing and everything I wish. I used to write diary as hobby, so now this is going to be my digital public diary and dear reader you are welcome. Now I would like to thank my dear Husband, Sihabur Rahman, who helped to me to achieve this, I knew he is involved in some online work like blogging and he can easily create a website for me, so I asked and he made it for me. And this is my 1st ever post. I am going to write quick review of my year 2016, yet few days left of 2016 but I am writing it today because of the anniversary. And I will start from last year December.

note: This is going to be a big post about personal stuffs, make sure you have enough time to waste to read it!

Christmas Helsikinki

If I remember right That is my 1st picture in Finland taken by Nayeem, my husbands friend currently studying in Vaasa university. We were there for 3 days, I bought some winter cloths and also have quick visit to important places of helsinki city including the port and the white church, I was feeling awesome, I was going though an experience of 1st time 😀
Temperature was about +5, and it was very cold for me. After 3 days we took train to mys hubby’s home city jakobstad, one thing I did not mention, I and my husband did not inform about my arrival in Finland, we wanted to give surprise to everyone and we were successful. The community here surprised when they saw me here without any notice.
It was a new start of life, my husband already had everything at home, but as a girl I start to feel we need more things to make our life easier, so we start to spend maximum time at markets and bought so many important things needed for daily family life.
after few days new year 2016 arrived and we went to a neighboring city  Kokkola to celebrate that. We bought few small cracker and flare lights (probably, I mean tarabati here) and did our personal firework in the city center. at 00.00 hour there was a firework for about 7 minutes, and it was my 1st ever fire work that I witnessed live on the spot!!
Firework in kokkola
Look at the picture, firework was going on behind me 😀

In January and February 2016, Nothing special happened actually, we were busy to meet the local community.
I march I decided to buy a new phone for my husband, and I placed a pre order for Samsung galaxy S7 edge.
And I was busy to get used to western life. I start to roam the small city and whenever I discovered something new, I was exactly feeling that overpowered something special.
Life was going on, I start to feel homesick in cold dark Finland. Winter is really long here and we start to plan for a trip to take a break from daily life. My husband start to search possible destinations where we can go within budget.

April is a special month in my life, this month I found someone who became my life partner, so I have always special feeling for this month. At the beginning of the month I made some secret plan to surprise my husband. I had plenty of time, I was not involved in any kind of job, only cooking and watching movies and sometimes studying Finnish from online websites. But before our marriage anniversary we had Bangla new year Pohela Boishakh on 14th April. The local community had arranged a get together and celebration party . I am attaching a photo below:
Pohela boishakh celebration in finland

It was amazing experience, deshi food, music and some deshi games made that event very colorful.

So finally it was the long anticipated day, 19th of April , I bought a cake, flowers and few candles. Surprisingly my husband also bought same things for me. And at the mid night we wished each other with flower and cake. I was surprised and very happy to find that our thinking is quite same, is not it a great sign of a happy married life?
Nothing happened rest of the month, passed the month with Obsession of love and our plan was ready, we decided already to have a euro trip in Baltic capitals and we were getting preparation for that. I was very excited, and day became bigger and winter was over, spring was everywhere with its own color.
So in 22nd May we took flight from Turku airport of Finland to Gdansk airport of Poland. Gdansk is popular tourist destination in Poland by the Baltic sea. I will write details of the trip next time in separate post. This post already become very big, I don’t want to make it long anymore.
In june we took another trip to the Swedish capital Stockholm, as I mentioned I will write also an individual post about our journey by ship to Stockholm.
In july I got confirmation from the language school that I can take part in upcoming season staring on August 17. We went to a theme park named power park, I took almost all the ride, and to be honest that was my 1st and last time , I dont think I am going to ride on a roller coaster again!!! Had few traditional grill party and this moth was the month of festival in Jakobstad, every year they celebrate Jakobs Dagar, a week long local festival.

Also celebrated Eid and that time I was very sad and homesick, it was 1st eid without my parents, I dont want to remember those bad moments, so I don’t want to write anything about Eid.
I forgot to mention one thing, I was practicing my driving whenever I had time, with my husband, I got my driving licence from Bangladesh, but the traffic rules in Finland quite hard to master, my husband who is a great teacher also helped me a lot in this case. With his help and my passion towards driving helped me to overcome all the obstacle and when I started School on 17Th August, I took my husbands car to school. About 1 month I had used his car and in october he bought me a second hand car, Ford Mondeo 1.8 1999 Model, it was not a best car, but not a bad one to start with.
So right now I am going to school everyday.
I had work practice in a Daycare center from 28th November to 3rd December, it was a great and amazing experience to be with children also.
And right now I am learning ice skating, quite hard and also tiring and interesting as well.
and life is going on…
In this one year I have a lot of achievements, If I write it will become a long thesis, as I wrote I dont want my 1st post become very long, I am not writing everything. In upcoming year, I want to continue things achieved in past years and and also want to reach in new goals, become a successful blogger is one of the aim, and the journey starts now.
Note: I got two addiction in last one year, one is sauna ( traditional finnish stream bath, I will write a post about it)
another one is Kebab pizza.
Only Kebab pizza is real 
Be happy always and keep me in your prayer .

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