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Best Electric Nailer – Buying Guide and Reviews in 2018

By Anika / 27th September 2017

When performing important nailing works, due to the number and size of the nails, it is obvious that a simple hammer does not work. This land is subscribed to electric nailers. Multipurpose tools that can be used with all types of nails and at any depth, being very versatile in their operation. It is best to endure the demands of continuous work without complaining, so they will never let you down. As a sample of these products, of quality and confidence, we find the model Ryobi R18N18G-0, the best qualified by consumers. This high pressure nailer has a safety system and is recommended for both professional and domestic use. If your jobs are not so demanding you can opt for the second most valued model, such as the Brüder Mannesmann M15350 electric nailer . With its charger of up to 100 units and its variable power of 4 to 8 bars, this tool is very versatile and practical for all types of work.



Comparison chart


Ryobi R18N18G-0 – High Pressure Nailer (18 Volt)
Offer of the day
This electric nailer is a versatile tool that allows its use with nails of all types, including those requiring high pressure to obtain acceptable results, being ideal for professional jobs or high nailing demand.
This product can only be used with nails and not with staples, so that it is not possible to use it for works of little importance, for which surely you need another different tool.
Designed with the most demanding professional jobs in mind, this model is considered the best product by consumers, both professional and domestic.
https://i2.wp.com/buenosybaratos.es/wp-content/plugins/amazon_kelkoo_asin_shortcode/images/ebay_es.png?resize=109%2C30&ssl=1€ 250.00
https://i1.wp.com/buenosybaratos.es/wp-content/plugins/amazon_kelkoo_asin_shortcode/images/19xf95.jpg?w=960&ssl=1€ 269.00
https://r6.kelkoo.com/data/merchantlogos/13784713/amazon_MP_en.jpg€ 295.26
Brüder Mannesmann Werkzeuge M15350 – Finishing Nailer [Imported from Germany]
Offer of the day
Since not all jobs are the same, this product offers variable power ranging from 4 to 8 bars, so you can use it with staples of almost any size and for all types of jobs.
Compared to other models in the market, this product has a much higher weight, which can be harmful and annoying when working during long hours or with too much stress.
If what you need is an electric nailer capable of working with all kinds of staples, this product offers you all the variety and power you need for any job.
https://i1.wp.com/buenosybaratos.es/wp-content/plugins/amazon_kelkoo_asin_shortcode/images/19xf95.jpg?w=960&ssl=1€ 39.60
https://r6.kelkoo.com/data/merchantlogos/13784713/amazon_MP_en.jpg€ 57.95
https://i2.wp.com/buenosybaratos.es/wp-content/plugins/amazon_kelkoo_asin_shortcode/images/ebay_es.png?resize=109%2C30&ssl=1€ 59.99
Stanley 6-TRE550 – Agrafeuse électrique for G-type and brad clips, Yellow
Offer of the day
This model is ideal for small work in the home, both because of its tight dimensions and lightweight, so you can save it anywhere and introduce it in the most difficult places to work without complications.
Since its power is not too high, the product is intended for domestic use, so it can not be used with nails or large staples.
From upholstering a piece of furniture to doing small household chores. These are the functions for which this model will be of great help to you without needing to spend more.
https://i1.wp.com/buenosybaratos.es/wp-content/plugins/amazon_kelkoo_asin_shortcode/images/19xf95.jpg?w=960&ssl=1€ 40,40



What is the best nailer on the market?


Although they are not tools that we often use, it is true that if you need to have a nail or nail gun, there are several aspects that you must keep in mind in order to obtain the best results. With this guide to buy the best framing nailer, you may need we tell you the fundamental aspects that you must take into account to obtain a quality machine at a good price.



Buying Guide


Working capacity

The nailers are generally operated by high pressure compressed air which, once applied to the nail, is firmly nailed to the corresponding material. So the first thing you have to take into account is the power and capacity of the machine we are talking about.

For example, low-level nailers, nail clippers or staples operate at lower pressures, while professional or high-level guns, for example for structural assemblies, operate at high pressure to ensure the necessary penetration of the nail in the material. Therefore it is necessary that you consider the type of work that you are going to carry out before estimating the purchase of a certain nailer specifically.

It would not make sense to buy a professional high pressure nailer when all you need to do is punch a garden fence, for example. Anyway, and as always we recommend, if the price difference is reduced it is always better to opt for the greater power and capacity.


Design and portability

One of the problems that nailers have is their weight and size. Mainly because because most of them operate by hydraulic system involves having various elements that can be problematic for their operating weight. At this point the work capacity discussed above has a lot to do, since the greater the need for work of the nailer, the greater will be the size and weight of the nailer.

Anyway, and as advice, it is advisable that if you can avoid those who have an external compressor, since they usually limit usability, in many circumstances, while adding additional weight to the whole.

Obviously if you have no choice for the high level of nailing you need you will have to opt for it, but if it is finally possible it is always better to look for machines as compact and light as possible, more considering the need for precision of this use.




Although we speak of nailers in general, these machines work with many more things than nails. They can work with nails, with staples even or with nails and pieces of different sizes.

In order for the nail to be variable and the material to be used can be changed, it is necessary that the machine is ready for it, although this aspect will always appear in the characteristics of the appliance. That is why it is important to check that the nailer you are going to buy can withstand different measures of nails and other elements.

Think that ultimately, for the nailer is good and cheap is convenient that you can use it in various jobs without having to think about other machines, so the more versatile and more ability to change material much better.


What is the best electric nailer of 2017?


For those who are looking for a tool that allows them to insert the nails in a more efficient and less draining way for the body and at an affordable price, here we bring you a summary of the best electric nailers of 2017 and its most outstanding features to help you decide by the one that best fits your needs without causing so much damage to your pocket.


Recommended Products


Ryobi R18N18G-0


1.Ryobi R18N18G-0

Main advantage

The main advantage is that it is a high pressure nailer that will be very useful and very precise when placing nails on different surfaces. This will help you get a good finish to every job you decide to do at home.


Main disadvantage

The most important disadvantage of this nailer is that it can not be used with staples of any size, because it is designed solely to work with nails, which reduces its versatility and utility for other jobs.


Verdict: 9.8 / 10

Its ergonomic design and good power will allow you to finish all your professional and DIY work in good time and with the details that your or your customers want.

Buy at Amazon






It has a very practical design with colors and shapes very striking and decorative, without losing its hardness and resistance to hard work.

It has an ergonomic handle that will be comfortable enough to take the handle, and perform each job without causing damage or tiredness in the hands after using this machine for a very long time.

The size of the Ryobi R18N18G-0 nailer is 3 x 0.9 x 2.5 cm, which means that you can save and store it in different places or in your toolbox, without having to worry about the location which we will give to this product.

It is a machine is 18 volts so you can have enough power in order to get the depth and strength needed in each dunk.

2.Ryobi R18N18G-0



With this nailer, you can use nails of different sizes for the adjustments according to the design or DIY you are doing from the comfort of your home.

To operate this machine you need to purchase the corresponding batteries because it has no battery or charger in its original box.

It has some regulations with which you can make the necessary adjustments, according to the size of the nail and the strength you need in the work to be performed.

You can easily move it from one place to another and take it where you want or consider convenient use.



Its design allows you to have a good grip of the nailer and thus work comfortably, without risk of accidents due to uncontrollable force or sudden movements.

The model stands out among other nailers, because it has a security system to give you the opportunity to work, without you thinking that you could hurt or hurt others at home.

For the machine to operate or to activate the firing of each nail, it is necessary that the nailer is placed on the surface for the machine to start its activation. That is, if you accidentally shoot without this product is located on some surface as the nail will not leave the machine.

Although this product has a good security system, it will always be good to remember that you must use your gloves, lenses and any other implement that favors you and protects you from any incident.


Buy at Amazon Price (€ 269)




Brüder Mannesmann M15350 


2.Brüder Mannesmann M15350This model is considered by most users as the best quality electric nailer price. It works specifically for nails with a length between 15 and 50 mm and is designed “for finishes”, ie if you are looking for a nailer for very hard materials or to make constructions I recommend you look for another model. This goes very well for a domestic tasks in plaster, plaster or more porous surfaces or final finishing tasks where it is indispensable that not much mark.

This model includes a maintenance kit with a spare for the trigger piston, two Allen wrenches, a lubricating oil tube and other smaller parts for replacement in a very practical case to keep it tidy and protected, however, do not include a manual of instructions in Spanish so you will have to do the maintenance in an intuitive way.

Even though it does not include other accessories such as anti-trip insurance or a depth adjuster, its highly affordable price and precise functionality make this model one of the best on the market, according to users.

In order to acquire the best nailer of the moment you must take into account your needs and the type of materials with which you plan to work so that the characteristics of the equipment adapt to your requirements. Learn more about this model of Brüder Mannesmann:



Power: As a main positive aspect of the Brüder Mannesmann M15350 nailer we must mention that it works at a pressure of 4 – 8 bar, which allows you to staple a wide variety of materials thanks to its compressor tire formula.

Charger: Another of its appreciated aspects is that it has a loader with 100 tips, this way you can perform complete jobs without the need to be mounting more staples.

Briefcase: also has a handy carrying case that will allow you to store it comfortably so you can have it handy and tidy whenever you need it.

Staples: It is also able to use a variety of staple measures that can go up to 50 mm, so you will have no problem using the one that best suits your needs.



Weight: however, it weighs twice as much as the model mentioned above so it can cost you more work to use it or tire your arm faster.



Buy at Amazon




Stanley 6-Tre550 


StanleyOne of the best cheap electric nailers available in the market, according to users. This stapler and nailer is lighter than other similar models. With only 962 gr of weight you will be able to comfortably carry out long tasks without feeling discomfort by heaviness. On the other hand, being so light it may be necessary to apply a little pressure when stapling to prevent it from getting stuck, but applying a little force on the tip is enough.

Thanks to its staple insertion technology, you can shoot up to 20 staples per minute. It has a hammer force regulator at the top to be adjusted to the hardness of the material with which you are working. It has a safety system on the tip and an on / off switch to prevent injuries.

Its anti-jamming technology is very effective, users claim that it can be used intensively and you will not have any problems due to internal obstructions of the staples. With it you can use staples of 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and nails without head of 12 and 15mm. Its power cable has an extension of up to 2.5m; a length more than acceptable although it is advisable that you measure well the site where you will use it to avoid limiting your movement.

Finding the best nailer for 50 euros may not be a simple task unless you have guides that help you to know its advantages and disadvantages. For this, we have below, those of this nailer 6 Tre550 of Stanley:



Weight: As one of the first advantages we have with the nailer 6 – Tre 550 from Stanley we must mention that it has a weight of just 962 grams, so it is very easy to load and manipulate to get the work done quickly.

Practical: it has a slim design with a straight tip that will help staple even corners so you can ensure the most possible finishes and for safety measures, has side walls at the tip to prevent accidents with your fingers.

Ergonomics: in addition, its design has a special handle coated with non-slip material that will allow you to use the nailer with ease. Also designed to make the equipment safer by avoiding accidental slips while being pressed when used.

Cable: Using a nailer can be one of the quickest ways to finish the upholstery of furniture or walls so another positive feature is that, for convenience, has an extra long cable so you do not suffer the risk of stumbling or jerking while you are using the equipment.

Usage: and we must also mention that the Stanley 6 – Tre550 is compatible with a good variety of staples and different sizes starting from 6mm, 8mm, 10mm and more, in this way you can use the one that best complements the work you execute .



Buy at Amazon Price




Tacwise 1167 


3.Tacwise 1167Possibly the best electric nailer stapler for those users who need a tool with great force, made with quality materials and have more budget to acquire one, because its price is higher than the other models here exposed.

This other model of stapler and electric nailer can be used with nails from 20 to 35 mm and clips from 20 to 30 mm, designed to be used in repairs for soft wood or medium hardness.

Its cable of 1.5 m can become a limiting on the mobility of the user and its weight of 2.1 kg is also conditioning if you are going to perform long-term tasks. It has 3 levels of security consisting of an on / off button, a led light that indicates when it is turned on and a safety system at the tip of the head to avoid that you hurt yourself.

In addition, you can remove your nose to avoid making marks on the work surface and also includes a very practical protective case that makes it the perfect gift for DIY lovers who seek quality and precision in the task of DIY.

If at this point you still do not know which nailer to buy, the option offered by Tacwise with your 1167 will convince you. Let’s study below its pros and cons:



Practical: The Tacwise 1167 nailer deserves a place in this selection because it is capable of both stapling and nailing. If you are the one who likes to make the most of your investment, this product could charm you.

Cable: It has a cable of 1.5 meters in length so you can work in comfort.

Power: and its working power of 230 watts, is more than enough to easily perform household do-it-yourself tasks.



Trademarks: However, some customers have shown that if a lot of pressure is applied to the nailing equipment, there may be marks on the wood, especially if it is delicate or laminated.

Lock: and advise to be aware of possible locks inside the charger.






Bosch Duotac PTK 14 E 


4.Bosch Duotac PTK 14 EFor those who wonder which is the best nailer, Bosch offers this particular model. This stapler and electric nailer supports staples from 6 to 14 mm in length, and 14 mm nails, ideal for upholstery furniture and decoration. It is very effective with materials such as fabrics, leather, cardboard and other textiles on natural wood and plywood. If you need a tool to staple or nail hard materials such as glass, metal or high density plastic, this model is not for you.

Its Duotac function allows you to insert 2 staples at the same time to avoid tearing or tearing when working with fine materials, although this feature is not available when working with nails.

With a capacity to insert up to 30 staples per minute, it is ideal for quickly finishing any task, and its light weight of just 1.1 kg along with its electronic rotary control to adjust the force of the blow will make your work very bearable and comfortable.

Taking into account the experiences and comments of the users to determine the best brand of nailers, we find that Bosch is a strong competitor to win a position among the top places. Here are the details of your model Duotac PTK 14:



Dual: one of the positive features presented by the Duotac PTK 14 E nailer is its dual function, which allows stapling of two staples to save effort.

Automation: In addition, it is possible to perform the shot by pressing the tip on the surface or pulling the trigger to use the one that is most comfortable.

Range: and its square head design greatly facilitates the reach of stapling in corners or difficult spots.



Jam: customers of the Duotac PTK 14 E indicated that great care must be taken when using it to avoid jamming of the staples.

Domestic: In addition, despite their robust finishes, they are advised to keep it only for domestic work because it may not be strong enough for professionals.



See offers of the day in Amazon




Einhell BT-EN 30 E


5.Einhell BT-EN 30 EAnother item to consider for users looking for the best electric nailer. This electric stapler designed for upholstery, has characteristics very similar to the previous model with the difference that has a cheaper price. Although it is a bit heavier, this 1.9 kg weight tool allows you to use staples with a length of up to 25 mm and nails up to 32 mm, with a width of 6 mm for both and with adjustable power that you will allow to work even with softer materials.

Also, if you want to finish your task promptly, you can make up to 30 shots per minute with this tool. For very hard woods you will need to top with a hammer, but if you need a stapler for simple tasks this is a great option at a very affordable price.

Because some people choose to be more demure and acquire one of the cheaper nailers, the features presented by the BT – EN 30 E by Einhell can convince you that it is a good option:



Simple: The BT – EN 30 E nailer stands out for its simplicity thanks to its intuitive design so it will not be difficult for you to understand its operation.

Charger: it has a charger with capacity for up to 300 clips, so that you can carry out numerous works without having to recharge at any moment.

Variety: in addition, is able to work with staples of various sizes so that you use the one you need most.



Strength: one aspect to keep in mind is that customers indicate that it works wonders with soft woods but for the more resistant, a final hammering is required.

Jams: As in some models already mentioned, they may also present jams that must be attended to at the moment.

Buy at Amazon Price: € 29.95




How to Use an Electric Nailer


Electric nailers are very sophisticated tools, designed to nail large quantities of all types of nails in just a short time and at any depth. They can be used professionally as domestic. That is why below we will offer some recommendations that will allow you to use your electric nailer without any inconvenience.

read the instructions

It is very important that you carefully read the instructions accompanying the design before using your electric nailer, as misuse can cause serious problems. In addition, as a tool that works with electricity is also advisable that you become familiar with the product through the manual.


Do not limit your movements

When you use a good electric nailer you have the freedom to perform your movements when performing any nailing task, since these fabulous and sophisticated designs incorporate a cable with a sufficiently long extension.

However, it is convenient that you measure the place where you are going to perform the nailing task to prevent any inconvenience as far as the execution of your movements.


Saves working time

Having an electric nailer in the home will save you a lot of work time, because in just a short time you can nail or staple large number of nails or staples, obtaining results with perfect, acceptable and safe finishes. Also the best thing is that you gain a lot of time for the accomplishment of other works.


They are versatile

If you are going to use your electric nailer, you should not worry about what kind of nail you are going to use, since it is versatile, allowing you to use all types of nails, including nails that require high pressure. In addition, you can use them to do jobs with staples and nails of almost any size. The good thing about all this is that you will nail without any problem and in a very short time.


Control power

Although most electric nailers can be powerful, you will not have any problems when using them at home, as they have hammer force adjusters to adjust to the hardness of the material you are working with. So if you are going to use them for surfaces with materials such as fabrics, leathers, cardboard, among others, or on wood or plywood, the hammer power is reduced so as not to damage the surface and obtain optimum results.

Are safe

When using your electric nailer, for any type of work you must practice the safety regulations. Use accessories such as gloves, lenses or any other implement that protects you from any accidents.

In addition you must make sure to place first the nailer on the surface that you are going to work before putting it to work. Hold the nailer very tightly by its handle to control force or jerky movements.


You can easily carry and store it

It is convenient to order the nailer very well in your handy case, so you do not have difficulty in moving it with you anywhere you go to perform your task of nailing. On the other hand, once inside your briefcase, you can store it comfortably.




The most popular brands


For you to choose the best electric nailer, we have reviewed the most relevant features of some models and have compared them with the comments on the Internet of people who have already purchased them. But this time we want to analyze the most important brands of this type of tools, among which are Bosch, DeWalt and Stanley.



Robert Bosch GmbH is a multinational company of German origin, which has just the name of its founder. As a company, it is a GmbH (Limited Liability Company) founded in 1886 and has had this name since 1937, for nobody is a secret that Bosch is one of the leading brands in DIY tools, spare parts for cars and appliances.

It is a manufacturer of tools for home and professional use in workshops, in its wide catalog can be found from simple screwdrivers, through drills, sanders, electric hammers, screwdrivers saws, vacuum cleaners, grinders, electric nailers, among other appliances.

In the automotive field, Bosch manufactures used parts, such as lamps, filters, spark plugs, windshield wipers, batteries, brakes, and many more. From the Bosch brand, it is possible to find small and practical stapling and nailing machines. Some staplers also work as nailers, and if you work with larger nails you also have powerful pneumatic hammers.

In the Iberian Peninsula, BSH Electrodomésticos España works, belonging to the Bosch group with headquarters in Navarre and Zaragoza, from where some other brands known as Ufesa, Balay, Neff, Gaggenau and Siemens are marketed.

It is also normal to see in any home, Bosch appliances since its range of products includes washers, dryers, hoods, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, coffee makers, microwaves, plates and ovens.



This company was founded in the United States in 1924, and has been especially dedicated to the design and manufacture of power tools for general construction and carpentry. It was created by Raymond E. DeWalt, who invented the radial arm saw, a stationary apparatus with an arm that moves horizontally and serves to cut materials.

The growth of the company DeWalt was quite accelerated since from the beginning a lot of attention was paid to the quality of the materials and the process of manufacture of the machines. Its products currently have very good comments on the Internet by users who speak of its good functionality, strength and durability. The DeWalt catalog includes more than 200 electrical appliances and about 800 accessories.

This is one of the most sold brands in the field of power tools in the United States and today has an international reach, both in Europe and in other parts of the world. It is known for its efforts to reduce the impact on the environment, for which it has strict policies in its production process: recycling and waste reduction.

Among the tools of this brand are gardening equipment, grinders, hammers, demolishers, drills, sanders, brushes, saws, nailers, among others. Your electric nailer has a cartridge for 55 nails, is easy to use and very safe.


3. Stanley

The origins of this mark go back to 1843, when the brothers Frederick and William Stanley opened in Connecticut a sale of accessories made with wrought iron as hinges and screws. From 1902 the company began exporting tools and began to open offices in other parts of the world, becoming one of the most important in the industry.

Stanley has a presence on all continents, thanks to a sustained expansion of its business internationally. The excellence of its products and services have earned it the recognition of the users and the respect of its closest competitors.

Currently, the Stanley brand is directly related to another internationally recognized brand, we refer to Black & Decker. This was mainly due to the entrepreneurship of three men, the first being Frederick T. Stanley, and later in Maryland, Mr. Duncan Black and Mr. Alonzo Decker. In 2010 Stanley merged with Black & Decker, for which the company is currently called Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.

There are around 50,000 products offered by this company that also owns the brand DeWalt, another one of those that are better positioned. Stanley sells hand tools, laser tools and power tools, including nailers and staplers that are reasonably priced and offer great performance.

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